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Packed with tasty functions, focus on nailing the rest of 2020 with the BLOCKHEAD Utility Pack.

Info Whitening Charcoal
Info 5mins energy
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Info Herbal calm
  • ONLY £8 - Including postage (UK) - The cheapest way to enjoy the BLOCKHEAD range
  • Big smiles all round with fresh breath and shiny teeth after you chew White Gum
  • Workday, workout or working on a project, Energy Gum packs a fast-acting caffeine punch will get you up and focused in five minutes
  • Stay healthy, Vitamin Gum supplies 100% RDA of essential vitamins D, C B6 & A
  • The natural extracts in Calm Mints help you relax, unwind and get a good night’s rest
  • Each pack contains 10 pieces of Energy Gum, 10 pieces of Vitamin Gum and 10 Calm Mints and comes with free delivery
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