Introducing: Our Award Winning New Packaging

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Ladies and gentlemen - introducing our brand-new AWARD WINNING... we’ll say it one more time because it’s our favourite two words in this whole blog... AWARD WINNING packaging. We are super excited our packaging has finally dropped, and we couldn't be prouder of how it turned out. So, if you would indulge us briefly, we are going to tell you all about it and what it means for you.

Why why why? Why would we embark on such an overhaul of our pouches? They worked just fine I hear you say... We agree but we at BLOCKHEAD are always trying to be better and our packaging was one area we felt could do more for us as a brand. We wanted to create distinctive packaging that seamlessly fit into your pocket (and life), packaging that looked fresh and was always on hand ready to empower you with our active ingredients. Our new packaging seeks to differentiate across our range, with each unique pattern evoking feelings of the associated product benefits, from the lightning bolts creating a sense of energy to the wave patterns representing relaxation and calm.

With this new box we wanted to create an accessory for your life, so for us it had to do two things, firstly it had to look good and secondly it HAD to be resealable. To make all this possible, of course our new box had to slide. It is our favourite feature of the new packaging and a revolutionary new way to package gum as now you can take a piece and reseal the carton after every use. Our box is now not only a chewing gum container, but also doubles up as a fidget device whenever you are bored (just make sure you tear the little tab on the side first!). 

This project was a true team effort, and we collaborated with our wonderful friends over at Boundless. Together, we worked to create this new packaging that we are extremely proud of. I know we have said this already.... but SO good was our collaboration that we managed to pick up not one but TWO awards for both the innovation & sustainability of our new packaging from the World Brand Design Society Awards (Yes, it is as important as it sounds).

Our new box is better for the environment in several ways. Firstly, we made the switch from the old plastic pouch to a cardboard box, which will dramatically reduce our use of plastic and carbon footprint. After much development, we were able to make a sliding box out of a single piece of cardboard, improving the efficiency of the production process by reducing the energy requirements and overall waste. Not only will the material itself make a difference, but our clever design incorporates a tamper proof seal which means it doesn't need to be wrapped in plastic, a double win for plastic reduction. Significant sustainability gains were also made in the name of supply chain efficiency (sexy we know), the new box of 12 packs is much smaller and easier to transport meaning we need less planes trains and automobiles to send BLOCKHEAD all around the world, I guess size really does matter after all. We are of course not perfect, but sustainability is one of our core values here at BLOCKHEAD and we are proud as a company to be living our values through this major overhaul of our packaging.

Thank you for sticking around to read all about our new packaging and should you like to get your hands on a new box then click here to purchase.

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