“BLOCKHEAD is built of the foundations that life is for living. Our purpose is to empower, assist, and inspire people to make the most of every moment.

Our commitment goes beyond our team, customers, and investors; it extends to every single person we encounter. Therefore, it is vital that we are continually led by our mission and are grounded by our values.

Our code is unyielding and forms the foundation of who we are as a company. This document outlines that code.”

Danny Lowe, BLOCKHEAD Founder 

Our Code

We are committed to ensuring we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in every territory in which we operate. 

  • RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION: We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that we are acting responsibly in relation to new product development, and product safety and quality. 

  • ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: We respect our environment, and do what we reasonably can to protect it and minimise the impact that our business operations have on it. This includes monitoring our carbon emissions, and looking to reduce these.

  • HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITMENTS: We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

  • TRANSPARENT ACCOUNTING: We maintain proper financial accounts and provide honest and transparent financial statements in accordance with statutory law.

  • TREATMENT OF EMPLOYEES: Our employees are treated with dignity and respect. They are paid fairly and are able to carry out their details free from harassment. We value the power of diversity, and are committed to ensuring that all employees feel welcome and able to BLOCKHEAD team.

  • TREATMENT OF CUSTOMERS: We are open and honest in communication with our customers. We do not seek to mislead our customers and seek to provide the best customer service possible. We strive  to build long term partnerships with our business customers, and strong communities amongst our end consumers.

  • TREATMENT OF SUPPLIERS: We are open and honest in communication with our suppliers. We seek to provide fair and reasonable payment terms, and work closely with our suppliers to ensure ethical and environmental standards are maintained throughout our supply chain.