BLOCKHEAD helps you get ready for anything quickly so you can achieve your goals faster.

“My passion for improving human performance started at university. An inspirational lecture helped me discover how active ingredients get absorbed quickly through the gums. So, I developed a chewing gum that could release a caffeine dose into the system in just five minutes to help athletes get ready with a fast performance boost. I realised I was on to something when Energy Gum became an instant hit on campus from aiding sports performance, helping with all-night studying and, unexpectedly, managing hangovers. Since then, the range has grown to include products that help deal with stress, enhance sleep, aid muscle recovery, and improve oral health. And there are many more exciting innovations in the pipeline.”

Danny Lowe, CEO & Founder


BLOCKHEAD supports a generation of ambitious pioneers living in the modern world through our functional chewing gum, which provide convenient, quick and enjoyable delivery of efficacious functional ingredients.

To provide a solution to help people get the most of out any situation, every day.


To provide a solution to help people get the most of out any situation, every day.


BLOCKHEAD is proud to be working with FuturePlus, the ESG and sustainability management and reporting platform. FuturePlus makes managing social and environmental impact accessible, affordable, achievable and trackable for every business, not just the 1%. FuturePlus qualifies a company’s sustainability achievements before quantifying and translating them into a realistic and trackable action plan. Its indicators, made up of 200-300 questions, educate companies and business leaders to take practical, incremental steps towards sustainability by focusing on five themes: Climate, Economic, Diversity & Inclusion, Social and Environment. Its indicators reflect best practice sources and industry standards such as recognised certification schemes, ESG indexes, UN Global Compact, Governments, NGOs and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.