What is Functional Chewing Gum?

It's an interesting question because isn't all gum functional? Most chewing gum on the market is bought for either fresh breath, enjoyment, or to alleviate boredom, all of which are functions. Some studies have even found that the simple act of chewing gum can improve memory, concentration and relieve stress.   

However, you can further enhance chewing gum's functions to create a truly functional gum. Combining active ingredients with chewing gum's incredibly fast, precise and water-free delivery provides further functions for people on the go.  

Introducing Blockhead Functional Gum

BLOCKHEAD functional gum offers an efficient and friendly way of improving health and wellness. Some of the Blockhead functional gums include:

Energy Gum

As the name suggests, this gum type is designed to energise you. It is sugar-free chewing gum and contains fast-acting caffeine and vitamins. As you chew, the caffeine is absorbed in your system more quickly than it would when making coffee or energy drinks. This means you will be ready for action in five minutes!


If you are stressed or anxious, this type of gum has the soothing effect of making you calm and helping you recover. It contains three milligrams of the highest quality hemp oil and a peppermint flavour. CBD is absorbed through your mouth and gums to bring an immediate soothing effect to your body as you chew.

Vitamin Gum

As with all blockhead products, vitamin gum is sugar-free. Its composition includes all the essential vitamins you need to function at your best. With just two pieces of vitamin gum, you get a full dose of vitamin D, C, B6 and A.

Shine Gum 

BLOCKHEAD's white gum is packed with activated charcoal, bicarbonate of soda and calcium. Peppermint flavoured and sugar-free. Its active ingredients gently polish, neutralise bacteria and provide a minty fresh kick. 

What Product Does BLOCKHEAD Make?

BLOCKHEAD specialises in making functional chewing gum. A type of gum that offers more than the normal enjoyment provided by traditional chewing gum. Benefits include instant energy boost, enhancing sleep, improving oral health and reducing stress. Blockhead's current products include energy gum, CBD gum, vitamin gum, white gum and calm mint.

Where Can I Find Blockhead Functional Gum?

Our Functional gum is available in various stores, including Sainsbury's, Ocado, Holland & Barret, Boots, Planet Organic and WHSmith. If you seek to quickly enhance your physical and mental ability, visit our page to learn more about the full BLOCKHEAD range.