Yoga Bites: Daily bitesize exercises to keep you feeling good while working from home.


März 22, 2020


Inspired by the photos of your self-isolation WFH-office setups, we asked our mate Matt to create six bitesize exercises that you can do throughout the day to keep your body in tune. Click on the links below to watch each clip on Instagram TV.

Neck Rolls – release tension from staring at screens all-day
These exercises help to release tension in the neck that can be caused by poor sleeping positions, or simply staring at your computer and phone for far too long.

Low Lunge – for sitting too long in the wrong chair
For those of us sitting in a chair for far too long, this yoga pose will help release the psoas, the muscle in the front of the thigh going up to the low back. If you get pain in your low back from sitting for too long, then this shape is great for you.

Pec Stretch – opens up the pecs, shoulders and upper back
This exercise shows open wings, a yin yoga pose that helps stretch the pec, shoulder, and a bit of the upper back. Those sitting at a desk for a long time will enjoy this opening.

Shoulder Mobility – defeats the laptop hunch
This video is an active mobility shoulder exercise that primarily focuses on the rotator cuff muscles. If you use a mouse, find yourselves hunched at a computer, this is an exercise you need to do. It'll help prevent future shoulder pain by working the muscle groups used in twisting, moving, reaching, you name it.

Eagle Arms – stretches the shoulders and upper back
Known as Eagle arms, this yoga pose stretches the shoulder and upper back. Sometimes when working at home we find our upper back creeping up into our ears, and this over time can cause neck and even lower back pain. This pose helps to teach the body how to properly stretch the back.

Reclined Pigeon – releases tension from prolonged sitting
This exercise, reclined pigeon in yoga, stretches the hips. It's a lovely release from the tension that's often exacerbated by sitting for far too long (think aeroplane rides).

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