BLOCKSTATE Energy Gum contains 50 mg of caffeine per piece that is delivered straight in to your system via your gums meaning it begins to work within 5 minutes. Informed Sports approved.

The Power of Gum

Chewing gum packs a punch as a delivery mechanism.

It not only freshens your breath, but also delivers a precise dose of active ingredients that are absorbed faster than drinks or tablets.


Really helps me concentrate

I really like this gum. Helps me concentrate 😊 The taste is nice and minty and not overpowering

Paula Jane

Great Product

As a T1 diabetic, I was looking for a nice tasting, sugar-free gum. I love these! I like the taste and it doesn't have a terrible after taste PLUS the vitamins are a great benefit.

Deborah W

Long lasting flavour

Tastes great, the flavour lasts a long time and they're a good size so you only need one piece at a time.

Amazon customer

Highly Recommend the White gum

I absolutely love this product, I wasn’t sure how it would work but already I am seeing improvements !

Ellie Lamey

The Energy Boost I needed

Excellent stuff. Does what it's supposed to and gives you a quick lift when necessary.

Dr L Edwards

I used to be a pretty serious energy energy drink addict and this gum is *so**much**beter*!

It's honestly like magic. I first bought Blockhead to keep in my car in case I felt tired after work and I was amazed at how the tiredness just goes away instantly. Plus no jitters or sugar high, it's just an absence of tiredness.

Oliver Finn