Are you ready for VICTORY? In this real life COD WARZONE POV, BLOCKHEAD have teamed up with Claudiu Voicu to celebrate a combination that has seen us through lockdown III, COD & BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum. 


Caffeine for alertness

Perfect your dose, with 50mg in each piece you can adjust your intake precisely. Enjoy fresh tasting crash-free caffeine without the sugar or calories of alternatives.

Ginseng for endurance

Ginseng is a natural ingredient that has been used in Chinese medicine as a remedy for centuries.  As a nootropic, it works to support the bodies natural ability to deal with stress and boost endurance, and as an adaptogenic, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

B-vitamins for accuracy

Three B-vitamins combined in one gum: B1 for optimal cognitive performance aiding fast decision making, B6 assists with reducing tiredness and fatigue & B12 helps to metabolise energy in the body and keeps nerves healthy.

Writer, Director, Editor: Claudiu Voicu
Writer, Music: John Kerr
Cast: Ashley Holland, Mike Lienard, Josh Lowe, Dan Morbin, Charlie Camp
Fuel: BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum