The Simple Science

At BLOCKHEAD our purpose is to make products that are catalysts that enable you to be the best you can be, for any situation – fast. 

That’s why we chose chewing gum as a delivery mechanism. Our mouths are blessed with an incredibly extensive network of blood vessels. When combined with saliva as you chew, you are able to absorb a great number of nutrients into your blood in as little as 5 minutes. 

This is significantly faster than the usual way of absorption via your stomach. 

Dr James Hudson - Gloucester Rugby Nutritionist

"Chewing BLOCKHEAD Energy gum, can lead to far quicker increases in the level of caffeine circulating in our bodies compared to other forms. Absorption in the mouth bypasses the usual ‘first pass metabolism’ occurring in the gut and liver possibly even increasing the extent some nutrients can be absorbed overall. A significant amount of caffeine is absorbed and goes into your blood in as little as 5 minutes! When people consumed the same amount of caffeine as either gum or as capsules, the blood caffeine levels peaked in the gum users at 20 minutes after starting to chew rather than the 60 minutes after swallowing capsules 3."

Interested in a more in-depth description of how our gum works?

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