14% of festival-goers never brush their teeth

Blockhead at Glastonbury

Festival season has officially kicked off and we’re ready to socialise, dance, party and have a good time.

But there is a dark side to festivals. We were startled to find out from a recent study that 14% of people who attend a festival weekend DON’T brush their teeth. With the average clean mouth containing over 6 billion bacteria each with their own unique smells, we were horrified.  

Other facts we’ve learnt:

  • 20% of people that do brush their teeth do it in the toilet (We barely breathe in those toilets – let alone clean our teeth)
  • 80% just pop outside their tent.
  • 68% of people consider chewing gum as a good alternative

Since our mouths are pretty busy at festivals… and for those 14% (no judgment here) who don’t fancy brushing their teeth but still need to be ready & feel fresh; we’ve got you. Introducing the ultimate (limited edition) festival essential pack. Each box contains 8 packs and will help you ….

☀️ Wake up and feel vitalised with vitamin gum.

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🦷 Clean & polish your teeth with white gum.

😈 And screwing gum will …


All products can work alongside a toothbrush, its not an either or.