Danny Lowe founded BLOCKHEAD whilst studying at university, he created the first product, Energy Gum, to boost energy and focus quickly. He found all his friends were using it for all sorts of reasons – and it was extremely popular for preparing for or sitting exams. Energy Gum allowed people to perform at an optimal level at the exact right time. From there other functional products were created and a full range of BLOCKHEAD products was developed for multiple different needs.'

We know exams can be a busy and stressful time, that’s why we have created the ‘Student Essential pack’- the Exam hack you can’t do without! 

The BLOCKHEAD Student Essential Pack contains:

• 2X ENERGY GUM for energy: Perfect to have during a cram session for an immediate boost or ahead of an exam to improve focus.

• 2X WHITE GUM to shine: For those times you may have run out of time to do your morning brush

• 2X VITAMIN GUM for vitamins: To keep you going and help boost your immunity throughout exam season.

• 2X SCREWING GUM for fun: perfect last-minute prep for a date or a tongue-in-cheek gift

We’ve been spreading the message and supporting students in their time of need! We have partnered with several universities to give students the inside lane on BLOCKHEAD and have given out product samples ahead of exams. We had a great time at our last visit to Greenwhich University - check out some of the images/videos from our visit to Greenwhich University. (We’re expecting some extremely high marks from these SE London students shortly 😉) If you’re keen for the team to come down to your university get hold of us at